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Minions Honoring their Hero

Lana, Nik, Max & Charlie

Our Story

This began in 2018 at the School of Rock Libertyville in the Rock 101 Group with members Lana, Nik, Max & Kevin.

Although Kevin has many professional credits to his name, the Rock 101 kids were too young to think of him like that. They do idolize him, but they knew Kevin as their instructor and as a buddy. He met them where they were, fostered their musical interests, and loved them unconditionally. He saw the beauty and talent in each child despite their faults, and developed it.


One of many dear memories the kids have of Kevin is when he would singing Foo Fighter's "Hero" to them during rehearsal break. (Yes, on his break. He would still be in with the kids jamming- to songs that might not have been on the rehearsal list, but were what they requested- and sometimes they just had a disco party.) Kevin embodied the sentiment of the song. He was just doing what he loved and he was their hero.


The band reunited to memorialize their Ordinary Hero with the help of their jam family: Scott Boyer, Jess Bess, Matt Cushing & Charlie Miller. They continue to jam and play at special events.


Kevin is an ordinary hero to our kids, and we will be forever in his debt for the way in which he has enriched our children's lives.

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